All is Well: Art Therapy and EFT Session with Nalini & Kashish

March 09, 2019 We have all heard the very famous affirmation ‘All is Well’ and many times young GavaKshars are heard mummering the tunes of their favorite ‘All is Well’ song. But Nalini and Kashish redefined the entire experience of ‘All is Well’ for each of us. They introduced the […]

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Art of Story Telling with Prasad Babu

May 04, 2019 Some stories surprise us, some ignite the inner conscious. There are stories that may take us down the memory lane. Stories are of various kinds but the impact they leave behind is of utmost important. Good stories have the capability to kindle your thought process. Story telling […]

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Drumming with Trash: Workshop with Djembefola United

April 07, 2019 A day dedicated to music and sound. Interactive workshop with the very amazing Team of Djembefola. Music, truly is a magical feeling and they taught our little GavaKshars how to experience and live this magical journey. From enchanting the little souls by indulgence in music, they were […]

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