Coming from a traditional Indian household, I was told of my limitations as a girl. Our families are structured in a way that regardless of the level of openness there might be, they end up being conservative and protective towards their daughters. Like many, I too underwent the path of giving up on my likings and taking decisions based on other’s preferences. I wasn’t permitted to join the regular college. I have had my own share of struggles in becoming what I am today. Inspired by my own life experiences, I decided to create a platform for young children to help them become self-sufficient and enable them in shaping their lives according to their choices.

In my journey to creating this platform, I was shown discontent and unworthiness at many levels. More than the support I sought, there were questions and rejections at every step. But I knew, I could and therefore, I did! The birth of GavaKsh, my dream project, brought that enthralling moment in my life when I realized it was worth the struggles and the sacrifices I made.

“I know I am on the right path. I am doing what I am meant to do. My mind is clear about the vision I need to pursue. I am happy with the way things are shaping up for GavaKsh.”

Every day comes with a new challenge and a set of new uncertainties. GasaKsh has instilled in me the confidence that no matter what may come, I am prepared to face it. On similar lines, I want each student associated with GavaKsh to be confident and clear of their vision and be prepared to face the challenges thrown by the world. GavaKsh helped me discover my potential. And therefore, I envision every member of the GavaKsh family, whether they be the students or volunteers or anybody associated in any manner, to take back the best they can from GavaKsh. Like a tree, I want GavaKsh to stand strong and nurture all the beings that dwell in its shade and provides them with its fruit.

As a woman, I want to remind my fellow sisters to not to limit themselves with the societal obligations. It is time for us to come forth and stand for each other, support each other and grow. We need to create an environment to empower other women around us and help them stand for their basic rights of education, equality, and safety. It is our responsibility to make sure that we co-create an environment of awareness, knowledge and nurturing in a way that every female rejoices the fact of being a woman!”

Let us get together and step forward towards creating an all-inclusive environment where there shall be no discrimination. Every being will be free to pursue their interests and live in harmony with each other!