Art of Story Telling with Prasad Babu

May 04, 2019

Some stories surprise us, some ignite the inner conscious. There are stories that may take us down the memory lane. Stories are of various kinds but the impact they leave behind is of utmost important. Good stories have the capability to kindle your thought process. Story telling is a great way of learning. They stick to your mind and make it easier to understand and remember concepts.

Such was an experience when the famous story teller, Prasad Babu stepped in GavaKsh to share experiences from his life journey. He shared the tales of two tribal friends who managed to survive the threat of earthquake and Tsunami that hit the islands of Andaman & Nicobar in 2004. In a joyful manner, Babu managed to teach the children a life changing lesson on how to find that ray of positivity even in a situation as worse as this.  


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