All is Well: Art Therapy and EFT Session with Nalini & Kashish

March 09, 2019

We have all heard the very famous affirmation ‘All is Well’ and many times young GavaKshars are heard mummering the tunes of their favorite ‘All is Well’ song. But Nalini and Kashish redefined the entire experience of ‘All is Well’ for each of us. They introduced the concept of positive affirmations among the kids and in a playful manner taught them how to practice these affirmations in our daily lives. Fun exercises that could transform our attitude towards life was never thought of before. They introduced games that helped in the release of गुस्सा (anger) & डर (fear), two major emotions experienced among kids. The session was engaging but later, did we realize how it had helped us release those stuck-up emotions and made us feel lighter.

The next phase was the art therapy where art was used to express the current feelings. It was simply mesmerizing to see the young GavaKshars playing with paints and getting engrossed in their own little worlds.


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