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About gavaKsh – gavaKsh


Come, experience a journey of wonders as you open the window to Happiness – gavaKsh. Give us an opportunity to take you on a ride to experience new adventures and create your own stories. Welcome to GavaKsh!

GavaKsh, popularly known as a ‘Roshandan’ in Hindi or ‘Fenestra’, means a small opening left on the wall to let the light in. Based on the thought, we at GavaKsh, intend to brighten the lives of the under/lesser privileged children by opening new horizons and creating opportunities for them to prosper. These children are our future. They will be the building blocks of what we would call ‘Tomorrow’. They will be the architects who would design our Nation’s future. But for them to take up this responsibility, they need to possess a strong bearing. And, the only way to ensure that is by educating them.

Nelson Mandela once mentioned, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Inspired by the thought and driven by the passion to strengthen our pillars for tomorrow, GavaKsh was founded in 2015 to impart education and create learning experiences for those with comparatively lesser means.

The team is constantly working on making this learning experience more valuable and benefitting for the children. Radical yet pragmatic learning techniques are implemented so as to impart the necessary knowledge along with building value system and enhancing creativity among the students. It is our social responsibility to nurture our students as responsible citizens, therefore, special attention is paid on character building and personality development. Parent involvement is key to GavaKsh model of learning as we intend to nurture an around-the-clock automated learning system around the kid.

Learning can never be restricted to classroom walls and we make sure it isn’t. Workshops and interactive sessions are conducted time-and-again to ignite out-of-the-box thinking capacity among the students. Along with the basic reading and writing, they are fostered with the art of expression and idea generation. We don’t want to restrict our activities to only imparting education but channelize our efforts towards making each of the student involved with GavaKsh a self-sufficient individual. GavaKsh’s team focuses on constantly evolving its methods and adding new tools to nurture the talent and dreams of these children.


Gavaksh holds a unique standing because of the sustainability of its learning models. The acceptance of our model among the underprivileged community is reflected in the steady increase in the number of registered students in our classes. Our working is supported by active volunteering who bring along enthusiasm, innovative ideas and a unique skill set to enhance the classroom experience.

Interactive Teaching Techniques: We at GavaKsh reject the generic teaching method of lecturing and focus on more interactive methods like story-telling, role plays, discussions, etc. We always welcome new ideas and tools to make learning interesting and a fun activity for our students.

Research-Based Teaching: We motivate our instructors to indulge in extensive research regarding the topic to be discussed and ways of presenting it in the classrooms.

Open Learning Forum: GavaKsh classrooms are not restricted to the monotonous textbook learning. We try to provide an open learning platform to our students where activities like music, art, drama, dance, etc. are encouraged. Special sessions are organized for the students to diversify their learning experience and enhance their skill set.

Devoted to Bringing Happiness: Amongst all, the most important of the task is to bring smiles on the innocent faces that become a part of GavaKsh. We are committed to bringing joy and happiness in the lives of our students.


To curate a world where equality prevails and no child is denied the basic right to knowledge. We envision a world where a child’s economic background would no more be a determinant of their learning opportunities. We have designed models to ensure that children are provided with an all-rounded learning experience.


Providing out-of-the-class and beyond-the-textbook learning experience. We don’t wish to limit a child’s learning to the school textbook itself. Rather our mission is to provide a platform to the children where they are free to explore their capabilities and built their capacity.


GavaKsh firmly believes that free interaction is one of the strongest forms of education. Hence, GavaKsh ensures the usage of interactive teaching methods and tools. The sessions are designed with special emphasis on idea sharing, skills, values, and beliefs. We encourage the practice of interactive and innovative teaching methods such as storytelling, discussions, play way method of learning, teaching using props, etc.