Education can never be limited to the four walls, and so we open up a whole world for those who deserve and desire to learn, grow, and create an impact as an answer to the unequal opportunities that these little kids struggle with everyday.


GavaKsh is where hope meets action.

GavaKsh campaigns aim at focusing on issues at hand and creating a channel of solution.
Each event is a milestone to us where we are able to involve those who believe in what we do.
GavaKsh workshops open up a whole new world of learning and experiencing something new.



GavaKsh invites volunteers and interns to work closely with our team and share your skills & knowledge while contributing to our vision and having the best of the experience that lasts a lifetime.

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There is nothing more fulfilling than someone believing in our dreams and joining hands with us. We invite partners to collaborate and help us create a world of possibilities.


Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

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Stories of Hope

A No can mean A Yes to life: Sushil Kumar’s journey towards a healthy habit

Sushil Kumar is a resident in the vicinity of GavaKsh. He is a father of three children, out of which two are associated with GavaKsh. As a part of the family involvement program, Sushil is constantly in touch with GavaKsh and the team. A humble hard-working person is how we […]

Building a Stronger Base strengthens the Pillars: Story of Sameer & Aayush

Often economically disadvantaged families are questioned about their neglect towards a child’s education. They are criticized for not sending their children to school and depriving them of the basic right to education. They are condemned for spoiling a child’s future. But have we ever thought why children at a young […]

Bringing a Smile is all we Hope: Manish

This is the story of Manish, a cricket coach by profession and a true GavaKshar by spirit. He truly associates himself to the children he works with and is passionate about transforming each life that comes across him. As a kid, Manish had an accident where he fell of a […]

What people say

Simran Gambhir
The satisfaction you feel after meeting these kids and spending a few hours of your life with them, is incomparable. They're doing a great work with these kids and I ended up learning a lot more from these happy kids, than they did from me!
Devanshu Sharma
Must say that the these are no ordinary children. They dance, sing, create crafts and know so many things. It was a beautiful experience visiting your centre.


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