Family Documentation

The Campaign is intended to document each of the members of the family residing in the area. GavaKsh volunteers along with the students went around door-to-door to seek information in regards to total number of members residing in the family, their personal details supported with a passport size photograph of […]

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Dental Camps

GavaKsh is all about spreading smiles. And for that bright smile, we do need to have healthy teeth. Regular dental camps are organized for the students. Also, time-and-again, they are made aware of the importance of dental health and hygiene. Important practices to keep their teeth healthy are shared and […]

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Healing the Cleft Lip: Champaign with SGT University

Many people are seen to have a split lip or a cut on the upper lip. The condition can occur both by birth or later because of an accident. It is more of a physical deformity that might interrupt our speaking ability and is very much curable through Surgery. GavaKsh […]

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