Building a Stronger Base strengthens the Pillars: Story of Sameer & Aayush

Often economically disadvantaged families are questioned about their neglect towards a child’s education. They are criticized for not sending their children to school and depriving them of the basic right to education. They are condemned for spoiling a child’s future. But have we ever thought why children at a young age are deprived of education and the play they deserve and are rather sent to work. Similar was the story of Sameer, a 9 years old brilliant student and a passionate kid.

Sameer was taking classes in GavaKsh and was also enrolled in the local Government School for his formal education.  He was a quick learner and everyone at Gavaksh could feel his love for studies. However, Sameer was not seen at Gavaksh for almost a month. Concerned, the founder of GavaKsh herself went to investigate the reason of Sameer’s absence. It was found that his father had passed away due to a prolonged illness. Being the sole earning hand of the family, the sudden demise had put the family in a situation of strong financial constraint. To manage the funds, the first option with Sameer’s mother was to discontinue his education and make him work so as to earn their bread and butter. At the same time, it was found that Sameer’s younger brother was also ready to go to school. It was a challenging situation for the team as they felt that both the boys deserve to receive their respective education in order to support themselves and the family.

The team tried convincing the mother but her reasons were justified. Food was more important than education but also, education is necessary to sustain a living. Better opportunities awaited Sameer’s way and the sudden jolt couldn’t be let to decide his future.  As a solution, the team approached a number of people who could sponsor their education. Unlikely, to the team’s expectation, within a timespan of 12 hours, two different sponsors agreed to take care of the education of both the boys. Happiness knew no boundaries. Today, both the boys are happily going to school and their mother is satisfied with the decision she took. She wants that both her sons should receive a quality education. She understands how education can strengthen their very base for them to stand tall and be her pillars for the future.  The boys even resumed their classes at Gavaksh and are set to prove that they are no less than the others.


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