A No can mean A Yes to life: Sushil Kumar’s journey towards a healthy habit

Sushil Kumar is a resident in the vicinity of GavaKsh. He is a father of three children, out of which two are associated with GavaKsh. As a part of the family involvement program, Sushil is constantly in touch with GavaKsh and the team. A humble hard-working person is how we would want to define him. He works as a driver and is fully dedicated to earning a decent living to sustain his family.  

Like many others following the same profession, Sushil too had a habit of consuming tobacco (तंबाकू). He said that the consumption of tobacco was a necessary call for his job as he had to drive for long hours across day and night. And that, tobacco helps him in staying up and vigilant. Of course, he was aware of the negative impact, it had on his body but was still rigid on leaving the habit. He would often complain of having a problem in breathing.

We at GavaKsh not only want to empower our students but also aim at creating a healthy environment for them to prosper. And such a practice was surely not a healthy sign for the kids. It took us 3 years of continuous counseling and motivational talks to convince Sushil to see a doctor in regards to leaving the habit. GavaKsh team instantly fixed an appointment with a local doctor and ensured his treatment began immediately.  Sushil has been following the medication and GavaKsh team is supporting him in every way possible. Initially, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. He went through quite a number of withdrawal symptoms, dizziness being a major one. But today, he feels more energetic. Though he hasn’t completely left the habit but has surely restricted the consumption to a packet which earlier was close to consuming about 20 packets a day.

Team GavaKsh has constantly supported him in his efforts towards a healthy living. Seeing the benefits, Sushil is motivated to completely let go of the habit and also, ensures to help others in doing so.   


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